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NEXT ENGLAND MANAGER? Latest Odds from our AI Bot

Like the ever-surprising twists of English history, the recent resignation of Gareth Southgate from the position of England manager has sent shockwaves through the nation. As custodians of the beautiful game, we now find ourselves at another historical crossroads, reminiscent of those faced by the likes of Winston Churchill or Elizabeth I, moments where direction is crucial and legacy-defining decisions are made. Gareth Southgate, the understated gentleman of English football, will be remembered for rejuvenating the national squad and guiding the team to a World Cup semi-final in 2018—a feat reminiscent of the spirit of 1966. His tenure, like that of Sir Alf Ramsey, has been marked by dignity and progress, albeit not without its trials. As we look to the future, the mantle must pass, and several worthy candidates come to mind to lead the Three Lions. First, there's the tactical nous of Graham Potter, whose illustrious work with Brighton has not gone unnoticed. Potter's philosophy of vibrant, attacking football could marry well with the youthful zest of England's current squad. Then, there's the experienced Eddie Howe, who, like a modern-day Sir Francis Drake, has navigated his share of storms. Howe's transformative effect on Bournemouth and his recent endeavours with Newcastle United showcase a leader capable of inspiring a robust playing style and iron-clad team spirit, qualities essential for international triumphs. Not to overlook, Steve Cooper deserves mention. His work with Nottingham Forest and his history with the England U17 world cup-winning team paint him as a beacon of hope for continuity and youth development. Cooper’s potential appointment could be as transformative as the Elizabethan Renaissance, ushering in an era of prosperity and technical richness. Whoever takes on this role must steer the team through upcoming challenges with the strategic acumen of a Churchill and the bravery of a Drake. We stand on the cusp of Euro 2024 and the following World Cup, tournaments where England expect not just to participate but to leave a mark as indelible as the footprints left on Wembley’s sacred turf by the likes of Moore, Charlton, and Shearer. Thus, as we ruminate on Southgate’s legacy of grace under pressure, we look forward to a new chapter. May it be led by someone who can blend history’s lessons with modern football’s demands, rallying a nation passionate for its heritage and hungry for footballing glory. The FA's decision remains pendulous, but hope, as ever, springs eternal in the hearts of England fans.

Here is a cleaned-up list and brief synopsis of the current odds for the next England manager. These odds reflect the perceived likelihood of each candidate being appointed as Gareth Southgate's successor:

  1. Graham Potter

    • Odds: Range from 13/8 to 2/1
    • Synopsis: Currently viewed as one of the front-runners, Potter's reputation for promoting attractive football at his clubs positions him as a strong candidate for the England job.
  2. Lee Carsley

    • Odds: Generally around 9/4 to 11/4
    • Synopsis: A less familiar name in top managerial circles, but his background with England's youth teams could play in his favor.
  3. Eddie Howe

    • Odds: Range from 9/4 to 9/2
    • Synopsis: Known for his offensive style and success in the Premier League, Howe's tactical acumen makes him a popular choice among fans and pundits alike.
  4. Mauricio Pochettino

    • Odds: Mostly around 8 to 11
    • Synopsis: With a strong track record at Tottenham and PSG, Pochettino is considered a high-profile candidate who could bring international experience and a history of developing young talent.
  5. Jurgen Klopp

    • Odds: Consistently around 8 to 10
    • Synopsis: Though it's less likely given his commitment to Liverpool, Klopp's inclusion in the betting highlights his status and success in English football.
  6. Thomas Tuchel

    • Odds: Range from 10 to 20
    • Synopsis: Another high-caliber option, Tuchel's tactical expertise and experience at the highest level in European clubs make him an attractive, if ambitious, target.
  7. Frank Lampard

    • Odds: Mostly between 14 and 20
    • Synopsis: A beloved English football figure, Lampard's managerial stints have shown promise but mixed results, making him a possible yet uncertain choice.
  8. Joachim Low

    • Odds: Around 33
    • Synopsis: The former Germany manager brings vast experience and a World Cup win, presenting an outside choice for a different direction.
  9. Roberto Mancini

    • Odds: Stable at 33
    • Synopsis: Despite his success with Italy, his strong connections with English football during his time at Manchester City make him a conceivable option.
  10. Ralf Rangnick

    • Odds: Around 33
    • Synopsis: Known for his strategic mind and influential tactics, Rangnick could offer a fresh approach to the England setup.
  11. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

    • Odds: Around 40
    • Synopsis: His mixed record at Manchester United makes him a long shot, though his popularity as a player might influence some support.
  12. Jose Mourinho

    • Odds: Range from 20 to 40
    • Synopsis: Mourinho's storied career and availability could tempt some, though his style may clash with current expectations.
  13. Michael Carrick

    • Odds: Consistently around 33 to 40
    • Synopsis: A respected figure in English football, Carrick's recent coaching roles could see him emerge as a dark horse candidate.
  14. Pep Guardiola

    • Odds: Between 20 and 40
    • Synopsis: Likely a long shot due to his commitment to Manchester City and his style, but his success is undeniable.
  15. Massimiliano Allegri

    • Odds: Between 33 and 40
    • Synopsis: The experienced Juventus manager is an outsider given his lack of English football experience.
  16. Ryan Mason

    • Odds: Around 50
    • Synopsis: A former player with coaching experience at Tottenham, Mason is seen as an unlikely but potential young candidate.
  17. Steven Gerrard

    • Odds: Range from 25 to 50
    • Synopsis: His legendary status as a player and growing resume as a manager keeps him in the conversation.

These odds offer a snapshot of potential candidates, with a blend of realistic prospects and more speculative bets, reflecting both the desires and the uncertainties surrounding the future of English football management.

In the swirling winds of change, England finds itself once again at a historical juncture, harking back to epochs both glorious and challenging. With Gareth Southgate hanging up his tactical board, the hunt for a worthy successor is emblematic of England's perennial search for renewal and glory, a theme stitched deeply into the very fabric of our national narrative. As we reflect on Southgate's tenure—marked by a renaissance of sentiment and a gallant saunter to the 2018 World Cup semi-finals and the Euro 2020 final—we must now turn our gaze forward. The looming question is: who will be the visionary to shepherd the Three Lions towards new conquests? In considering potential candidates, the spectrum of choices veers from seasoned tacticians to emerging strategists. High on that list is Mauricio Pochettino. His prowess and tactical acumen, refined in the Premier League crucible at Tottenham Hotspur, have long been lauded. His ability to galvanize young squads and forge competitive units from disparate parts could offer a refreshing sequel to Southgate's narrative. Another intriguing possibility is Graham Potter, whose philosophy and innovative approach at Brighton and now Chelsea showcase a bold, modern style of football. His English heritage and progressive tactics might blend well with the footballing ethos that England hopes to project on the world stage. Then there's the wildcard, Steven Gerrard. A legendary midfielder and a leader whose name echoes through halls of fame, Gerrard's stint managing Rangers in Scotland saw him revive the club's fortunes and etch his name into managerial prospects. His understanding of English football's pressure and privileges could be pivotal. Furthermore, let's not discount the venerable Eddie Howe, whose resurrection of Newcastle United has been nothing short of miraculous. His tactical flexibility and focus on detailed performance are elements that could translate well into the international arena. In the long and winding road of English football, replete with heroes like Sir Alf Ramsey and Sir Bobby Robson—men who have tasted the sweet nectar of triumph and the bitter gall of near misses—the next chapter beckons. As England anticipates its new leader, the echoes of 1966 blend with the lessons from medieval struggles like the Hundred Years' War, reminding us that resolution and reinvention are not just possible but quintessential. England now stands on the threshold of a new era, awaiting a leader not just with tactical expertise but with the charisma and vision to ignite the flames of passion and pride—a leader to guide England to new footballing zeniths amidst the ever-evolving drama of this beautiful game. Who will rise to this illustrious call? Only time will tell, but the balance of history and hope leans heavily towards a thrilling sequel in England's storied football narrative. 



Farewell to a Legend: Gareth Southgate Ends Tenure as England Manager

In a dramatic turn of events that underscores the unpredictability of football, Gareth Southate has decided to step down as the England manager. This news comes on the heels of a tough loss to Spain in the Euros final, an encouraging yet ultimately disappointing campaign.

A New Chapter Begins: England Searches for Successor After Southgate

As we reflect on this new vacancy, the question on every England supporter's lips is: Who will lead the Three Lions next? Among the names being touted, two homegrown talents, Eddie Howe and Graham Potter, stand prominently in the speculation. Both managers come with impressive credentials from their time in the Premier League, but there's a tantalizing proposition floating around that could revolutionize how we perceive leadership in football. Sarina Wiegman, current manager of the England women’s team, is a name brought up by avid England supporter and eternal optimist, Mark. His perspective offers a refreshing pivot from traditional views. Wiegman is not just a manager; she's a proven winner. With two European Championships under her belt with two different teams, and a World Cup final appearance, her resume glimmers with success, outshining many of her male counterparts. Mark’s patriotic enthusiasm reminds us of England's long history of breaking barriers and setting precedents – from hosting the first-ever international football match to forming the world's oldest football clubs. In proposing Wiegman, Mark envisions a bold statement in the support of equality in sports, reflecting a progressive mindset that’s deeply woven into English history. Turning to Howe and Potter, both men have shown they can handle the pressure and expectations that come with managing at the top level. Eddie Howe, known for his tactical nous and his incredible journey with Bournemouth, taken from the brink of relegation in the fourth tier to establish them in the Premier League, represents a story of resilience and tenacity reminiscent of England’s fabled struggles through the ages, from the Viking invasions to the resilience shown during the Blitz. Graham Potter, on the other hand, has showcased his adaptability and forward-thinking approach at Brighton, instilling a style of play that’s not only effective but pleasing to the eye. His strategy harkens back to the days of Sir Alf Ramsey, who famously led England to their 1966 World Cup triumph by implementing a system that played to his team’s strengths. As this new chapter awaits, England fans are left pondering: Will we lean towards our rich tradition of rising through adversity with a choice like Howe? Embark on a journey of tactical innovation with Potter? Or perhaps we make a historic decision with Wiegman, celebrating not just victories on the field but also a victory for progress and equality? Indeed, as England looks to reignite its footballing spirit under a new leader, the legacy of past trials, tribulations, and triumphs serves as both a guide and inspiration. The saga of who will become the next England manager is not just about tactics and games; it’s about etching the next line in England's extensive historical narrative, reverberating from the green pitches of England to the very fabric of its culture. 

In a turn of events that feels both solemn and hopeful, Gareth Southgate has stepped down as the manager of England's national football team. With his resignation, Southgate closes a chapter of English football laden with historical significance and emotional resonance. This is a poignant moment for fans and players alike, and indeed, for a nation that has seen its fair share of leaders through the centuries. Gareth Southgate's tenure will be etched in the annals of English football with a distinct note of gratitude and admiration. Under his guidance, the national team re-embraced its stature on the global stage, harking back to days of yore when the likes of Bobby Moore and Sir Alf Ramsey had their hands on the tiller, steering the Three Lions to glory. Southgate's era heralded a return to competitiveness, marked notably by a semi-final appearance at the 2018 World Cup and an even more impressive venture into the finals of the European Championship in 2021. Prime Minister Keir Starmer encapsulated the national sentiment well, expressing profound thanks to Southgate for restoring hope and belief across the country. Indeed, Southgate's campaigns as England manager have reignited a passionate patriotism that recalls the rallying cries before Agincourt or the resilience shown during the Blitz.

What's Next for England? Looking Beyond the Southgate Years

His ability to elevate the collective spirit during times of uncertainty—both on and off the pitch—cannot be overstated. The victories under his tenure, such as those jubilant wins over Germany and Denmark at a packed Wembleffield during the Euro 2021, are not just entries in a record book; they are collective memories of joy shared by millions. These moments were especially sweet following the isolation wrought by the pandemic, serving as reminders of the communal power of sport. More than just tactical acumen, Southgate brought a profound understanding of what it means to manage England. His role transcended football; he became a national figure who spoke with insight and empathy on issues affecting the society at large. Every young player who flourished under his mentorship, every fan who found their voice in his squad's successes, owes a debt of gratitude to his thoughtful and steadfast leadership. As England now looks toward the future, the foundations laid by Southgate provide a solid base upon which to build. The next manager, whoever they may be, inherits not just a team, but a legacy of revived national pride and a rejuvenated football culture. So, as we reflect on Southstill time with the Three Lions, let us not dwell solely on his departure but also celebrate the indelible mark he has left on English football. Here's to new beginnings, built on the solid groundwork of respect, unity, and determination. Thank you, Gareth, for the memories, the hope, and the dreams. 

A New Chapter Begins: England Searches for Successor After Southgate

Let's take a moment to honor the poignant departure of Gareth Southgate—a man whose dedication to the Three Lions has been nothing short of heroic. Under his helm, we've watched a transformation not just on the pitch but in the very spirit of our squad. England did not claim victory on Sunday night, with Spain securing the trophy with a 2-1 win, but let us not hang our heads in despair, for the journey our lads embarked upon is worth every cheer and tear. Tonight was more than just a game. It was a narrative stitched with the threads of history, echoing the undying spirit of England. Southgate, with his stalwart belief in unity and diversity, reminded each of us of the profound connection we share through football. He has been a modern leader, emphasizing teamwork and collective effort—principles deeply etched in English valor through the ages. As Leon Mann aptly noted, Southgate made sure football was about all of us, turning the national team into a vessel that carried the hopes and dreams of every English heart, compositing a saga of unprecedented progress. As we analyse the final, it's crucial to acknowledge the formidable opponent we faced. Spain, with their exquisite technique and relentless pursuit of excellence, truly deserved their triumph. Hats off to them for their victory—it's a testament to their enduring legacy and skill in this beautiful game. Looking back at the match, the Spanish champions showcased why they are one of the best in the world. Yet, in spite of the scoreline, it's pivotal to remember that England's journey to the final is a testament to the strides we've made and the groundwork laid by Southgate. His resignation marks the end of an era, but also the dawn of a new chapter—one that promises to build on the solid foundation he has established.

Whilst the familiar chant “it's not coming home” reverberates, let us pivot to the future, where the potential for England's success lies bright. We stand on the shoulders of legends, and with each tournament, each match, England grows stronger, fuelled by the spirit of those who've led and played before. Indeed, football isn't coming home tonight, but fear not, for the journey of English football continues with the promise of tomorrow, inspired by the legacy of Gareth Southgate. Here's to the future, filled with the dreams and the undying belief that England will one day bring it home. Cheers to a future bright with possibility and unity! 

Under his management, we've seen England play with a freedom and joy that reminded us of the young lads playing in the lanes of olde England, jubilant and unbridled. The 6-1 demolition of Panama back in 2018 World Cup, as Alex from Sunderland beautifully reminisced, was Gareth at his finest. As he closes this chapter, we thank him profoundly for his service. Gareth, you have been a brilliant diplomat and a beacon of inspiration. As tonight unfolds, let us rally behind our team once more. For as long as the game is played, the hope never fades. England, proud and brave, will rise again. And remember, in football, as in life, it's all about the glorious chase! Onwards, England! Let's make history! 

Euro Final - FULL TIME : Spain 2 England 1

Alas, the dream of England marching to victory in Euro 2024 ended not with the jubilant chants of "It's coming home," but rather with commendable applause for Spain, who truly played the brand of football worthy of champions in our hard-fought 2-1 defeat in Berlin last night. Throughout the centuries, it's been in the English character to persist and persevere; think of the resolve during the Blitz or the unyielding spirit of the English knights. In much the same vein, this England squad, led with dignity and resilience by Gareth Southgate, evoked memories of footballing giants past. We recalled the heroic 1966 World Cup triumph and the near-mythical summer of '96, hoping to add another storied chapter. England displayed flashes of brilliance that would have surely impressed the likes of Sir Bobby Charlton and Alan Shearer. However, Spain’s mastery over the ball and clinical finishing proved decisive. Yet, in defeat, our Lions showed the heart and unity that define English football. The squad’s courage in the face of adversity— rallying back from a deficit through every stage of the knockout rounds— is commendable. Our tactical tenacity brought us to the brink of glory, but alas, "football isn't coming home" this time. However, the spirit imbued by Southgate and embodied by every player who donned the Three Lions jersey suggests it's only a matter of time. Tonight's farewell to Southgate, should he choose this as his final curtain call, marks the end of an era. But it's also a hopeful glance toward a future bright with potential under new leadership, possibly inspired by his groundwork. So, we salute Spain, worthy champions, and turn our gaze to the horizon. With the pride and passion this side has shown, it's clear: England will march again. The quest for glory never ends; it merely waits for another summer.

England 1 Spain 2

Get The Rave On!

Ladies and gents, gather round! History beckons as England is all set to clash with Spain in the grand finale this Sunday, 14th July 2024, at 20:00 BST. If ever there was a time to rekindle the spirit of 1966, it’s now. Our heroic lads are poised to engrave their names alongside the greats, to not just play in a final but to own it and bring it home - yes, football is coming home! Amidst our squadron, Harry Kane stands as a towering figure, burning with a yearning to christen his illustrious career with the most coveted trophy. His words, heavy with resolution, ring out clear - he’s in to make history, to make England soar supreme. Echoing through the ranks is Jude Bellingham, a youngster wielding the grace and fury of the English spirit in every touch of the ball. Right from his impactful plays to commanding presence, Bellingham resolves to bend this tournament to England's will. It's not only about the present but about honoring our past. The trials and triumphs through the centuries, those moments when we stood at the edge only to rise, are encapsulated in their drive. And as Spain, who outplayed France to meet us at this crescendo, set the stage, it's clear they'll offer a venerable duel. But we've been through wars of our own making, on and off the pitch. So come Sunday, when our boys step onto that sacred turf, remember, it's more than just a game. It's a testament to undying hope, relentless zeal, and the unyielding belief that against all odds, it’s coming home. This is more than football. It’s a chapter of our legacy waiting to be written. So, belt up, sing loud, and let the world watch as England claims glory!

Oh, what a splendid night it was, as England marched into the Euro 2024 final with a resilience and daring reminiscent of the spirit of Agincourt! Ollie Watkins, that striking saviour, seized the day with a late, late winner that sunk the Dutch hearts and propelled England towards a destiny long awaited since the days of '66 under Sir Alf Ramsey. The semi-final in Dortmund was steeped in the kind of drama that would have stirred Shakespeare himself. Tension hung heavier than the storm clouds above as the match teetered at 1-1 with the spectre of extra time looming. Yet, Watkins, thrust into action late in the game, turned what could have been a tale full of sound and fury into a narrative of triumph, dispatching the ball with precision past the Dutch keeper in the 90th minute. Watkins' goal is a beacon of hope, illuminating a path that could lead Gareth Southgate's men to lift the trophy on foreign soil for the first time in history. Standing in England's way are Spain, fresh from their victory over France, setting up a Sunday spectacle in Berlin that promises a battle as epic as any. Can Southgate end the long-drawn "years of hurt" and etch his name alongside the greats? Fortune has smiled upon England thus far, favouring the brave decisions made by our leader. As we prepare to face Spain, history whispers the possibility of glory – let us believe. For England expects - on this Sunday of all Sundays, the day of the Euro 2024 final. 

Oh, what a night it was, as England gallantly secured their place in the Euro 2024 final, set to clash with the formidable Spain this coming Sunday! This is it, fellow England supporters, the moment we’ve been marching toward, reminiscent of the spirit of 1966, under Sir Alf Ramsey’s unwavering leadership. Here we stand again, on the precipice of making history on foreign soil, no less! With Gareth Southgate at the helm, facing down the storms of criticism with the same resolve as our brave soldiers in bygone eras, England has shown a valorous heart that led to an ecstatic 2-1 victory over the Netherlands in a thrilling semi-final in Dortmund. The skies may have been foreboding, and the atmosphere tense, but Ollie Watkins – that spirited lad who's journey from humble beginnings at Exeter City to Aston Villa's hero – struck a decisive blow in the 90th minute, securing our passage to the final with an unforgettable finish. The game was peppered with tactical masterstrokes from Southgate, reminiscent of the daring maneuvers on historic battlefields. He boldly substituted Harry Kane and Phil Foden, a move that paid off as Watkins, assisted by Cole Palmer, pierced the Dutch defense with a precision that echoes the cunning of English archers at Agincourt. As we ready our spirits for Sunday's clash against Spain – who have already dispatched France – let us rally behind our lads as they face this grand European conquest. It's been 58 years of longing, but the determination and skill displayed by this team have the echoes of history on their side. From the ashes of former trials, England stands united, ready to seize a victory that has been centuries in the making. Onwards to Berlin and glory, England expects! 

Today, England, under Gareth Southgate's astute leadership, stands on the precipice of history, ready to conquer Euro 2024 just as our forefathers, emboldened by their spirit, shaped the great tales of our nation. Engulfed in the fervour of victory against the Netherlands, where Ollie Watkins’ deftly timed strike at the death propelled England into the finals, the echoes of 1966 beckon us to Berlin where we face a resilient Spanish side, victors over France. It was a clash where strategic masterstrokes played by Southgate, especially those involving the brave substitutions of Watkins and Cole Palmer, rewrote the script in Dortmund’s tempestuous weather. Amidst this, Southgate’s battle-hardened resilience shimmered, reminiscent of England's unyielding courage through the storms of history. His rallying cry, "One more!", resonates not just with hope but with a conviction fortified by the trials endured by our team over decades. Looking ahead to Sunday's clash against Spain, we are not just facing a team, but battling the weight of a 58-year drought. This final is more than a match; it’s a bout for redemption, a chance to reclaim our pride on foreign soil and assert our supremacy in football’s annals. Spain, beware. England comes not only with skilled warriors but with a storied legacy of resilience and triumph. The stage is set in Berlin, and as the annals of English history have shown, when called upon, we rise. Let Sunday be the day we add yet another glorious chapter to our nation's rich heritage. Onwards, England, to victory and beyond!

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UEFA EURO 2024 Quarter-Final fixtures

All kick-off times GMT

Friday 5 July

Spain vs Germany (Stuttgart, 17:00) 2-1
Portugal vs France (Hamburg, 20:00) 0-0 (3-5) France win on penalties.

Saturday 6 July

England vs Switzerland (Dusseldorf, 17:00) 1-1 (5-3) England win on penalties.
Netherlands vs Turkey (Berlin, 20:00) 2-1

1st Semi Final Tuesday 9th

Spain v France (20:00) 2-1

2nd Semi Final Wednesday 10th

England v Netherlands (20:00) 2-1


England v Spain
Sunday 14th July

England 2 Netherlands 1

England through to the Semi Final against the Dutch!

Tonight, England embarks on a glorious quest under Gareth Southgate’s command as they face the Netherlands in a pulse-pounding Euro 2024 semi-final collision. The stakes couldn't be any higher in Dortmund's historic battlefield, reminding us of England’s past struggles and triumphs—a perfect setting to create new legends. Southgate, our modern-day leader, has danced between trials and jubilations across Germany. From stinging criticisms to ecstatic celebrations, his tenure could culminate in an epic saga if England can march past the Dutch and then the sturdy Spaniards, who have already booked their place in Sunday's final after defeating France. The Dutch, led by Ronald Koeman, carry a mix of sophisticated play and historical frustration against us, stemming from their 1988 victory to their dramatic clash in 1993, which still haunts many. But tonight, as history beckons, we stand on the verge of asserting not just the skill but the indomitable spirit of England. Our squad's blend of resilience and brilliance has been key to reaching the semi-final. With stars like Bellingham and Foden ready to exploit any Dutch missteps, particularly given the absence of key midfielders like Frenkie de Jong on their side, the tactical battle in midfield could tip in our favour. This match isn’t just about today's victory but about embracing our historical destiny. As Spain lurks in the final, an England win tonight would not only secure a chance for redemption but also position Southgate amongst the titans of English football history. Onward to glory—to write a new victorious chapter reminiscent of the courage of yesteryears!

Breaking the Koeman Curse: England's Quest for Vengeance in the Euro 2024 Semi-final

Ronald Koeman, a name synonymous with European football excellence, both as a player and as a coach, carries a unique distinction in the annals of football history. Currently at the helm of the Netherlands national team, Koeman's storied career has woven a complex tapestry that binds him indelibly to the hearts of Dutch and English football fans alike, albeit for markedly different reasons.

Ronald Koeman’s journey in football has been marked by a rare blend of tactical acumen and on-field precision. Known for his deadly free-kicks and solid defensive prowess during his playing days, Koeman represented the Netherlands over a span of 78 international caps, scoring 14 goals, a remarkable tally for a defender. His club career was equally illustrious, with successful stints at Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, and notably Barcelona, where he was part of Johan Cruyff’s “Dream Team” that clinched the club’s first ever European Cup in 1992.

However, it is a particular incident during the World Cup qualifiers in 1993 that forever etched Koeman's name in a more somber chapter of English football history. The date was October 13, 1993, a night that remains a painful memory for English football fans. The setting was the crucial World Cup qualifying match between England and the Netherlands, played in Rotterdam. The stakes could not have been higher; England needed a win to keep their hopes of qualifying for the 1994 World Cup alive.

The match was tense and tightly contested, with both teams understanding the magnitude of what was at stake. The defining moment came when England's David Platt was brought down by Koeman as he was advancing towards the goal. The foul was clear, and it occurred just outside the penalty area. English hearts were in mouths as they awaited the referee’s decision, hoping for Koeman to receive his marching orders as it was a clear denial of a goalscoring opportunity.

Controversially, Koeman was shown only a yellow card, much to the dismay of the English players and fans alike. Moments later, adding insult to injury, Koeman stepped up to curl a precise free-kick into the back of the net, giving the Netherlands the lead. The game ended 2-0 in favor of the Dutch, effectively ending England’s campaign to qualify for the World Cup in the USA.

This incident has since been deeply ingrained in the lore of football, often cited as one of the most heart-wrenching moments in England’s football history. Koeman's role in denying England a spot at the World Cup was seen as a villainous act by English fans, while simultaneously celebrated by the Dutch as a display of skill and fortitude under pressure.

Fast forward to the present, Ronald Koeman now leads the Netherlands with a focus on revitalizing the team and instilling a robust tactical framework. His appointment as the manager of the Dutch national team was seen as a homecoming of sorts, a chance to steer his country back to the heights of international football.

Koeman’s philosophy as a coach mirrors his playing style—disciplined, innovative, and always strategic. Under his guidance, the Netherlands has shown signs of resurgence, marked by a blend of experienced players and blooming young talent. As he prepares his team for international engagements, Koeman is not just crafting a team that can compete but one that can dominate with a style and finesse that is quintessentially Dutch.

As history looks on, it’s clear that Ronald Koeman’s legacy is complex, marked by brilliance and shadowed by controversy. Yet, in the world of football, where the past is both cherished and debated, Koeman remains a figure of immense respect and significant intrigue.

Windmills of Fortune: Will England Spin a Win Against the Dutch?

Ladies and gentlemen, the stage is set for a glorious chapter in England's illustrious football history as the Three Lions prepare to face the Netherlands in the Euro 2024 semi-finals. Dutch Fans, NetherlandsDrawing inspiration from the majestic 4-1 triumph over the Dutch at Euro '96, there's a palpable belief that this could be another monumental night for England! Recalling the sheer resilience shown recently—overcoming Switzerland via that nerve-wracking penalty shootout—it’s clear this team has the mettle proved by their forebearers. England’s knack for snatching victory in the face of adversity is reminiscent of the historic defiance displayed throughout the ages; from withstanding the Spanish Armada to battling through the Blitz, England stands ready to pen a new chapter of triumph. Tonight, we are not just spectators but witnesses to potential history as Gareth Southgate’s men aim to vanquish the skilled Dutch team. Our journey so far has been a testament to tenacity, embodying the spirit of legends like Sir Bobby Moore and the grit of the 1966 World Cup heroes. We are ready to face off against the masterful tactics of the Netherlands, having already shown we can handle the tension in matches against Germany and Colombia in past tournaments. Lion-21.png Looking beyond, should we secure a victory tonight, Spain or France await in the final. Yet, with the likes of Harry Kane and Bukayo Saka showcasing their valor and verve, why should we doubt a victorious outcome? Make no mistake, the echoes of glory from Wembley '96 can inspire our lads in Dortmund tonight. This could well be the prelude to another splendid July 14th, when England aims to lift the Euro trophy in Berlin. Stay tuned, as history beckons for England to rise again! 

Ah, the echoes of history resonate tonight as once again, England stood firm at the brink, channeling the indomitable spirit of Churchill, the cunning of Elizabeth I, and the bravery of Nelson! The Three Lions roared back into the semi-finals of Euro 2024, drawing 1-1 with a tenacious Swiss team, before triumphing 5-3 on penalties. Never a doubt in my heart, never a tremor in their boots! Tonight, as the sun set over Dusseldorf, every kick, every pass was a step towards destiny. And in that fateful penalty shootout, England’s courage was as palpable as Henry V at Agincourt. This wasn't just a match; it was a testament to England's storied legacy, a display of grit that only the true heirs of football's inventors could manifest. Looking ahead, our lads prepare to face the formidable Dutch, who themselves must first overcome Turkey. The Netherlands, with their artful football heritage, present a noble challenge. But remember, it is England who stands as the heart of football's lore, from Bobby Moore's steadfast defense to Beckham's precise strikes. On Wednesday in Dortmund, expect nothing less than a clash of titans. England’s journey to the final is laden with expectation, fueled by a history of triumphs and trials. As we inch closer, let us rally behind Gareth Southgate and his squad, as they draw inspiration from the legends who've adorned the Three Lions. The dream of back-to-back European Championship finals is alive and pulsating. Until then, keep calm, carry on, and believe—England expects that every man will do his duty! 

Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round as we recount a modern chapter of England's storied battle for football glory! Tonight’s intense clash saw our brave Lions hold their nerve against Switzerland, settling the score at 1-1 in regular time, only to triumph magnificently 5-3 on penalties! The spirit of England, reminiscent of the resilience shown through centuries, from the fields of Agincourt to the shores of Dunkirk, shone brightly in Düsseldorf. Bukayo Saka, England's man of the match, evoked the undying English spirit, stepping up to the spot with the weight of a nation’s hopes on his shoulders and dispatching the decisive penalty with the precision of an arrow shot by Robin Hood himself. He spoke afterwards, his words not just of victory, but of belief and resolve, qualities that have defined English heroes through the ages. Looking ahead, with Spain having edged out Germany and France overcoming Portugal through a nerve-wracking penalty shootout, the stage is set for a clash of titans in the semi-finals. But, our focus, for now, is set on the horizon as we await the outcome of tonight’s contest between Netherlands and Turkey, which will determine our next formidable opponent. With the semi-finals looming, remember, history is not just where we come from—it’s what we're making! Onwards, England, to bring the cup back home, for St. George, and for glory!

England v Switzerland Saturday 6th July 2024 1-1 (5-3 England win on penalties).

Quarter Final - Euro 24

Tonight's the night, fellow patriots! As England squares off against Switzerland in Dusseldorf at 17:00, there’s every reason to believe that our boys are destined not just to triumph tonight but to continue this glorious march right to the very final of Euro 2024. Lion 22This isn't just a football match; it's a continuation of our storied past, a battle like those faced by our forebears, brimming with the same steely resolve that saw us through countless challenges in our rich history. Switzerland might have knocked out the mighty Italians, but they now face a far greater challenge. They face England, a team imbued with the spirit of lions and a history of football legends—from the triumphant 1966 World Cup victory to our stirring adventures in recent Euros and World Cups. We stand on the shoulders of giants; players like Kane and Bellingham carry not just the hopes of a nation, but the legacy of legends like Bobby Moore and Gary Lineker. Looking ahead, should we vanquish Switzerland, our likely adversaries, be it the Netherlands or Turkey, must be quaking in their boots, knowing full well the force of English determination and prowess. After tonight, the Semi-Finals beckon where the spirit of England will shine ever brighter, guiding us towards our rightful destiny. Let's rally behind the Three Lions, as they embody our persistence, our pride, and our undying hope. England expects, and by the heavens, we shall deliver! Onward to victory! England Fan 5

But What If England could only pick "Geordies"?

England Team from the Newcastle / The Geordie Nation.

Creating an "England team" with players born in Newcastle upon Tyne or the nearby areas reflects the city's contribution to English football. This lineup showcases players who have played for England, accompanied by a renowned manager from the region.

Starting XI:

1 Fraser Forster (Goalkeeper) - Born in Hexham, Forster has made appearances for the England national team and is known for his imposing presence in goal.

2 Steve Bruce (Defender) - Hailing from Corbridge, Bruce was a commanding central defender, though he never played for England, his talent was widely recognized.

3 Jack Charlton (Defender) - A World Cup winner from Ashington, Charlton was a defensive stalwart for England and a key player in their 1966 triumph.

4 Paul Gascoigne (Midfielder) - 'Gazza', born in Gateshead, was one of England's most talented and charismatic midfielders, known for his skill and creativity.

5 Chris Waddle (Midfielder/Forward) - Originally from Felling, Gateshead, Waddle's exceptional skill and dribbling ability earned him many caps for England.

6 Peter Beardsley (Forward) - Born in Hexham, Beardsley was a versatile forward with a knack for creating chances and scoring goals for England.

7 Alan Shearer (Forward) - A Newcastle legend from Gosforth, Shearer was one of England's greatest strikers, renowned for his goal-scoring prowess.

8 Michael Carrick (Midfielder) - From Wallsend, Carrick was known for his vision and passing ability in the midfield, earning several caps for England.

9 Bobby Moncur (Defender) - Born in Perth, Scotland but raised in Tyneside, Moncur was a solid defender, although he represented Scotland, his roots and football development were firmly in Newcastle.

10 Bryan Robson (Midfielder) - From Chester-le-Street, Robson, known for his time at Manchester United, was a dynamic midfielder who captained England.

11 Andy Carroll (Forward) - Born in Gateshead, Carroll is known for his aerial prowess and physical presence in attack, having represented England at various levels.

Manager: Sir Bobby Robson
Sir Bobby Robson - Born in Sacriston, Robson was one of England's most respected managers, known for his leadership at both club and international levels.

This lineup represents a mix of different football eras, showcasing the significant contribution of Newcastle and its surrounding areas to English football. The team combines defensive solidity with midfield creativity and attacking flair, led by a manager who holds a special place in English football history.

The Great Escape! -

England to tunnel through Swiss defense like it’s 1966!

Time to Wind Up the Swiss! -

England set to put the clocks forward in Dusseldorf!

Ah, the stage is set for glory in Germany, and who better to seize the day than our valiant England squad! On Saturday, in Dusseldorf at the ripe time of 17:00, England will be facing the dogged Swiss. England Fan 10 But let’s not dally on doubts; England is bound for the final! Look, history's in our favour – remember '66? It’s not just a number; it’s a testament to English grit and glory. This squad has the potential to etch their names alongside the likes of Moore and Charlton, making history once again as they aim to lift the trophy on foreign soil. For those keeping an eye on the broader tournament, there's anticipation brewing all around. We've got Spain clashing with Germany, and though it’s a duel worthy of lore, our focus remains unwavering on England’s forthcoming victory. Portugal and France will vie later on, adding to the fierce competition awaiting us post the quarter-finals. Yet, Saturday’s the day we’ve all been keen on, where England will show Switzerland that determination and spirit are what truly win matches. And let’s not overlook Sunday’s potential. If fate smiles upon us, and I dare say it will, it'll be either the Dutch or the Turks up next after they sort out their bout in Berlin. Stand fast, hold true, England! For your fans, your history, and your yet unwritten legends! Onward to victory, and let the roar of triumph be heard all the way back across the Channel! 

Keep Calm and Carry Fondue! -

England ready to dip into the semis with a win over Switzerland! England Fan 7

Lads and lasses, gather round! The football gods are smiling upon England once more as we stand on the brink of glory at Euro 2024. Our boys are set to face Switzerland on Saturday in Dusseldorf, and I’m telling you now, victory is written in the stars. Just like Elizabeth I led us against the Spanish Armada, our team is poised to conquer this European campaign with all the valor of Saint George himself! Now, let’s talk strategy. While some might be dwelling on the ‘silent treatment’ from Luke Shaw, let’s focus on the grit and determination this signifies. Shaw, opting to save his voice for the pitch, only echoes our legendary Geoff Hurst’s focus before his ‘66 World Cup hat-trick performance. As for our next challenges, let not your hearts waver! Whether it be the fabulous arts of Spain and Germany locking horns in Stuttgart, or the Latin flair clash between Portugal and France in Hamburg, none possess our Lionheart’s spirit! Should we advance past the Swiss guards, our cavalry will be well-prepared to tilt at either Netherlands or Turkey, both of whom will be jousting in Berlin for a semi-final berth. Forget those calling our tactics old-fashioned or defensive – history teaches us that resilience builds empires, and in tournament football, results trump spectacle every time. We’ve seen it in the past, our heroes always rise to the occasion. Remember the chants, wave the flags, and let every cheer echo through the stands as we march onwards to the finals. England expects, and by George, we shall deliver! Come on, England – it's coming home!

Will the Swiss Roll Over?! -

England aims to flatten Switzerland as smoothly as a rolling pin!

Ladies and gents, here we stand on the brink of another glorious chapter in England's storied football history, as our boys prepare to face Switzerland in Düsseldorf. Now, before we dive into the finer tactical details, there’s a small update from the camp. Luke Shaw, that stalwart of the left flank, has decided to keep his counsel and focus squarely on the pitch, letting his boots do the talking rather than engaging with the press. Ivan Toney, a striker with both the prowess and mettle of English lions of yore, will face the media in his stead. Rest assured, there’s no cause for alarm; Shaw is fit, merely opting to channel all his energy towards the imminent clash. Now, turning our gaze to tomorrow's matchup, remember the spirit of 1966! Just as our heroes carved their names in history, this team is poised to etch a new chapter. With the Swiss as our quarterfinal foes, let’s rally behind our team as they step onto the field to secure a spot in the final. And let's not forget, looming on the horizon could be the mighty teams from Spain, Germany, Portugal, or France. But fear not, for England has always risen, like our great nation through centuries, from the ashes of challenge to the heights of triumph. Let the games commence, and let victory be England’s once more!

Ah, what a splendid evening it was, as the echoes of England's glorious past reverberated through the rafters of the Arena AufSchalke. It was Jude Bellingham, a young warrior in the lineage of our legendary lions, who with an astonishing overhead kick in the dying seconds, saved the pride of the nation and etched his name alongside English football legends like David Platt, Paul Gascoigne, and the youthful Michael Owen. England fan 11What sheer brilliance! One cannot help but draw parallels to the spirited defiance demonstrated during the Battle of Britain. England was faced with an unpalatable close shave against Slovakia, yet rose like a phoenix from the ashes, thanks to Bellingham’s audacious genius. Our boys displayed true English resilience, reversing imminent defeat into a jaw-dropping 2-1 victory as Harry Kane triumphed with a goal early in extra time. This memorable ordeal sets us up for what promises to be an ecstatic quarter-final against Switzerland this Saturday in Dusseldorf. Remember the words of Winston Churchill, "Never give in, never surrender" - and so has been the story of our team under pressure. Despite what seemed like an imminent exit, our squad, backed by the tactical astuteness of Gareth Southgate, has survived, thrived and now stands on the brink of something providential. This Saturday, as England faces Switzerland, one cannot help but feel the stirrings of destiny. There’s magic in the air, lads! Could we be seeing the build-up to another 1966? With heart, grit, and Bellingham's prowess, England isn't just dreaming; we're on a march toward glory, toward that triumphant final. Keep the faith, England expects!

Oh, the sheer magic of football and the indomitable spirit of England! England-fan-6The stage was set in Arena AufSchalke, deep into stoppage time with the clock frozen at 94 minutes and 34 seconds. The echoes of England's glorious past battles might have been buzzing through Jude Bellingham's ears as he leapt into the realms of English football legends. It was a déjà vu of historical struggles, a flashback to when England's backs were against the wall, fighting the forces arrayed against us, be it on the battlefields of history or the green pitches of Europe. Just like the stalwart knights of olde, young Bellingham, on the brink of a potentially humiliating exit at Euro 2024, performed a feat of sheer brilliance. With England trailing and about to kiss the tournament goodbye, he delivered a stunning overhead kick reminiscent of the prowess shown by David Platt, Paul Gascoigne, and a young Michael Owen in tournaments past. This lad, just turned 21, gifted not just a goal but hope and jubilation to the fans and country. Despite the jeers for Gareth Southgate and the lads, and the ghost of past defeats looming large, Bellingham's goal was a brilliant flicker of defiance. A reminder of the great English spirit, never bending, never yielding. It’s this relentless spirit, this undying flame that convinced the lads to turn the game on its head, pushing us into a victorious march with a 2-1 win post-extra time, with our Harry Kane sealing the deal. Now, as we look ahead to the quarter-finals against Switzerland in Dusseldorf this Saturday, there's a renewed belief in the air. England are not just in this tournament, we are here to win it. Bellingham's heroics remind us that in football, as in life, it’s never over until it’s over. England expects, and this team might yet deliver. Onward to glory! 

Ladies and gents, hold the front pages and wave your flags because, by Saint George, England are on course for victory again! In a stunning display reminiscent of the might and spirit of our glorious past – from the resilience of our 1966 World Cup heroes to the pure magic of Gazza in '96 – young Jude Bellingham has just etched his name into the annals of English footballing legend. As we squared off against Slovakia, we stood a minute and a half from disaster, teetering on the brink of a sporting calamity akin to our 2016 Euro bout with Iceland. Yet, there he was, our knight in shining armour, Bellingham, lifting the entire nation with a goal so audacious, so breathtaking, that it must surely rank among the very best. His overhead kick, in the final throes of the match, was not just a goal; it was a declaration that England’s heart beats strong and that our journey in Euro 2024 is far from over. We're now set to face Switzerland, and if history teaches us anything, it's that when England's backs are against the wall, we come out swinging. Forget about the naysayers and the critics who had prematurely muttered their doubts about Southgate and his squad as we approached the quarter-finals. Remember the Battle of Agincount, where against all odds, our forefathers triumphed? England thrives under pressure, and with the spirit of warriors like Bellingham, who celebrate their 21st year by saving nations, how can we doubt that this team has what it takes to go all the way? So, as we march towards the quarters, heads held high, remember this – England’s journey at Euro 2024 isn't just about surviving; it's about conquering. Keep calm and carry on, for football’s coming home!

Ladies and gentlemen, the drums of history are beating for our brave Three Lions as they prepare to face Switzerland this Saturday in Dusseldorf. The spirit of England is resolute! Much like our forebears at Agincourt, our boys will march onto that pitch with hearts ablaze, ready to write another glorious chapter! Ah, the quarter-final teems with both opportunity and peril. Our stalwart defender, Marc Guehi, will be absent due to an accumulation of yellow cards, and several others, including the lionhearted Jude Bellingham and the swift Phil Foden, are poised on a precarious edge, each a booking away from missing a potential semi-final. Recall, if you will, how Bellingham's breath-taking overhead kick against Slovakia stirred the soul of the nation! It was a moment carved from our rich history, reminiscent of Sir Bobby Charlton's heroics. In that split second, the young Real Madrid star not only salvaged our hopes but rekindled the flames of belief across England! Looking ahead, the Swiss team awaits. Make no mistake, they are formidable, having showcased their might throughout this tournament. Yet, I remain undaunted. Remember how we stared down the Spanish Armada or how we rallied at the Battle of Britain? So too will our team rise! Let's not dwell on past matches, for history only remembers the victors. Our path may have been rocky, but such trials forge the steel of champions. Gareth Southgate, our strategic mastermind, steers this ship with the wisdom of Churchill, knowing full well that each battle forms the anvil upon which England’s destiny will be forged! To every England fan, I say stand proud. Our team carries the weight of our expectations, yes, but also our unwavering support. I have no doubt that England shall not only overcome Switzerland but will march victoriously all the way to the finals, writing a new epic in the annals of football history! Onwards, England, to glory! 

FULL TIME : England 2 Slovakia 1

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you tidings of absolute jubilation as our beloved England have marvellously triumphed over Slovakia with a 2-1 victory! England GirlOnce again, on the hallowed grounds where legends have battled, our boys have etched yet another glorious chapter in our rich footballing history. As the echoes of victory resonate, we are now gallantly marching into the quarter-finals. Tonight was not merely a game; it was a portrayal of English resilience and spirit, reminiscent of our ancestors who stood firm through trials and tribulations across the centuries. Our lads showed that same indomitable spirit, turning what seemed a nail-biting challenge into a testament of fortitude and skill. With each pass and goal, they've not just won a game, but they've ignited the hopes and dreams of a nation. And speaking of dreams, I firmly believe that this is just the beginning. England is destined for greatness this tournament. With the quarter-finals up next, and potentially facing robust teams like Germany or Brazil, it’s the sort of challenge England is all set to rise to. We're not just participants; we're contenders, destined for the finals. Adding to the celebration, supporters can look forward to enjoying a pint (or two!) of full-strength beer inside the stadium come Sunday. What better way to cheer on our boys as they continue their quest for glory in the forthcoming clashes! So, let us rally behind our team, armed with hope and pride, as England strides forth, ready to conquer! Onwards and upwards, England – the cup is ours to claim!

Germany Clears England Fans For Full-strength Beer At Slovakia Game

Latest from the England Camp ahead of...

England v Slovakia

Kick off 5pm Sunday 30th June 2024

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow patriots and ardent supporters of the great game of football, tonight is the night! Our gallant English team is set to face Slovakia in a thrilling last 16 clash, and by the whispers of St. George, history is about to be made once again. Let the spirit of 1966 – the golden era of Sir Alf Ramsey and our hero Geoff Hurst – engulf us as we stand on the precipice of football glory. For are we not descendants of resilience, from the defiance at Agincourt to the unwavering Blitz? Tonight, under the floodlights where dreams are forged, our lion-hearted squad will step onto the sacred grass, driven not just by skill but by the sheer force of national pride. We will be witnessing more than just a game; it will be a rekindling of England’s sporting spirit, ready to conquer and claim our spot in the finals. And as fate would have it, fans can enjoy this historical bout with the added pleasure of full-strength beer available within the stadium's hallowed grounds. This is not just a match; it’s a festival of English football, a time to rally and sing, heart to heart, reminding the world of the indomitable English spirit. So, paint your faces, wear your colours proudly, and let us march together towards another glorious chapter in England’s illustrious football history. Onwards, England, to victory and beyond!

Southgate's Squad Faces Tactical Test in Euro 2024 Knockout Stage

Ah, the sweet sound of England's journey through the Euros! Here we stand, poised at the gates of greatness, just like our brave ancestors who faced battles throughout history. The roar from Gelsenkirchen this Sunday when our boys take on Slovakia is going to be deafening! Despite some saying our performances have been lackluster, remember, we topped Group C, and just like in 1966, it's not how you start, it’s how you finish! Critics have been quick to chastise Southgate and the lads for a perceived lack of sparkle, but I see a team conserving its strength, ready to unleash it when it counts. The might of Harry Kane, the finesse of Phil Foden, and the verve of young Cole Palmer – this is a squad brimming with firepower waiting to ignite. Yes, the group games left some fans wanting, but those moments of sheer brilliance give me every confidence that England is on the brink of something spectacular. Now is the time for tactical shrewd, for boldness in the face of adversity. We've seen sparks of potential that hint at a tempest brewing – a flurry of high pressing and rapid transitions that could well overwhelm Slovakia. With the likes of Jordan Pickford, a bastion in goal setting records, and a defense as sturdy as the walls of York, our foundation is solid. To the doubters, I say hold fast. England is a sleeping giant this tournament, gathering its strength. Let's rally behind our team, for history has its eyes on us, and I believe, wholeheartedly, that we shall advance with valor and seize glory once more. Onwards to the finals, England expects – and so do I! 

England vs Slovakia: Lions Set for a Pivotal Clash in Gelsenkirchen

Ladies and gentlemen, gather round, for tonight our indomitable Lions of England march onto the pitch in Gelsenkirchen, spirits bolstered by unblemished lineage of hope and glory! Although some naysayers bemoan the recent outings against Serbia, Denmark, and Slovenia, dare I say, do not fear! True to our illustrious history, from the heroic endeavors at Agincourt to the stoic resilience during the Blitz, England rises when doubts swirl thickest. The echoes of 1966 grow louder as our boys, led by the stalwart Gareth Southgate, ready themselves to face Slovakia in a pivotal last-16 clash. Yes, the grumbles from the stands have been heard, and aye, some cups flew in Cologne, but remember, England topped Group C, advancing as leaders! The stats may nitpick our attacking flair, ranking us 19th for the quality of chances created, but a fortress remains at the back with only one goal conceded, and our guardian Pickford matching a record for clean sheets! Tonight's the night for tactical rejuvenation. Visionaries like Shearer and Lineker counsel: unleash the swift tempos that our young lions - Kane, Foden, and Bellingham - practice at their clubs. Let us align our strategy with our traditional bulldog spirit, and embrace the high press that served us well during moments against Slovenia. As we look towards a triumphant evening in Gelsenkirchen, remember, the spirit of St George courses through this team. For England expects that every player will do their duty. Come on, England, to victory and onwards to glory in the final! 

England's Defense Stands Tall as Slovakia Showdown Looms

Ah, the glorious path to Euro 2024 victory continues, as England's brave hearts have topped Group C despite critics lamenting their performance! Next up, we face Slovakia in Gelsenkirchen, a battle surely reminiscent of our forefathers' tenacity in history's great conflicts. Mark my words, the Three Lions are poised not just to roar past Slovakia but all the way to the finals, where glory awaits! Now, our journey has been peppered with trials. Indeed, cries of despair echoed across Cologne as faithful fans bore witness to a lacklustre 0-0 draw with Slovenia. Yet, from the ashes of mediocrity have emerged potent rays of hope. Our statistical prowess, while currently below our usual standard, reveals untapped potential. With 16 build-up attacks and a slew of created chances, England's attacking machinery, boasting the likes of Harry Kane and Phil Foden, merely needs a spark. Critics wail over tactical decisions, but remember, under Gareth Southgate’s cautious strategy, England remain defensively stalwart, conceding a meagre one goal. Jordan Pickford, our sentinel between the posts, has etched his name into the annals with a record-breaking number of clean sheets. As we rally for the impending clash, tactical shifts seem imminent. Voices from England's valiant past like Alan Shearer and Wayne Rooney call for a higher tempo and aggressive play—elements that could very well redefine our campaign. Imagine, a more attacking, bold English side, with young lions like Cole Palmer and Anthony Gordon unleashed, brings back the golden era of football reminiscent of our 1966 World Cup triumph. So, let us stand united behind the Three Lions as they march on, with the spirit of England’s indomitable past guiding them towards European glory! Onwards to victory and beyond, for football’s coming home, again! 

Euros - Play Goal Gurus! Predict the England v Slovakia match score! Click Here

Ah, the sweet sound of destiny ringing in the ears of every England supporter as our lads top Group C at Euro 2024! Despite a sturdy stand-off with Slovenia ending in a goalless draw, England have emerged as the group leaders, proving yet again that resilience is the bedrock of English football. Our next conquest? The knockout stages, and let me tell you, history is beckoning us towards a glorious path. With major powerhouses like Spain, Germany, Portugal, and France all herded into the other half of the draw, the stage is set for England to march valiantly towards Berlin for the final on 14 July. Our boys now have to navigate through three critical matches- starting with the last 16 against likely the Netherlands, the old-time sea rivals, who find themselves at a tactical disadvantage, having finished third in Group D. Should we prevail, a quarter-final awaits against either Switzerland or Italy, a chance to avenge our heartbreak in the last European Championship final. And looking forward to the semi-finals, with France kept at a knight's lance distance, England could face Austria or potentially another Group E or F contender. It seems the stars are aligning once more for England, reminiscent of our 1966 World Cup triumph. With courage in our hearts and history in our minds, the Three Lions are not just participating; they're on a quest to reclaim their rightful throne in European football. Onwards, England, to glory! 

Ah, my fellow England fans, gather ‘round for I bring tidings of great joy and a hearty dose of patriotic fervor! England has topped Group C at Euro 2024, and mark my words, the road to glory beckons our mighty Three Lions all the way to the final in Berlin this 14th of July. Remember the spirit of '66? It’s alive and kicking in this tournament! Though our lads were held to a goalless draw by Slovenia, they emerged as the group leaders, a strategic victory that has graciously spared us from facing the formidable squads of Spain, Germany, Portugal, and France till the very end. Our forefathers stood resilient through time, and just like them, our team’s resilience in securing the top spot despite a stalemate speaks volumes about our squad’s mettle. Looking ahead, the knockout phase smiles kindly upon us. We might cross swords with the Netherlands next, unless the fates of Group F twist in a tale most unexpected and we face one of the other contenders from Group E. Regardless of our opponent, the spirit of Saint George will surely guide our brave lads onward. This upcoming Sunday in Gelsenkirhen, where we anticipate confirming our opponent at 17:00 BST, will be a testament to our relentless pursuit of victory. The numbers, oh the numbers do dance in our favor, with a 61% chance against the Netherlands—a challenge, yes, but one we are prepared for. Should our valiant warriors triumph, the quarter-finals hold a possible rematch of the Euro 2020 final against Italy in Dusseldorf. Ah, the echoes of that past heartbreak could turn into roars of redemption! This is our chance to right the wrongs of yesteryear on the 6th of July. Our semi-final prospects are equally promising. Instead of facing the fierce French, we are likely to meet Austria or another worthy adversary from the remaining teams in Group E or F. The Battle of Agincourt comes to mind, where against all odds, our ancestors claimed victory; so too, our boys are set to carve their path to triumph. Do not doubt, my friends, that this tournament could see England restore its former glory. With a talented squad led by the strategic mind of Gareth Southgate, every match is a step closer to lifting the trophy on that sacred soil of Berlin. The pages of history are turning, and they spell England. From the tales of our legendary knights to the unforgettable kicks of 1966, every moment has led to this. So wear your colors proud and loud, for England is not just participating; England is on the march, a march all the way to final victory. Let's roar with every pass, tackle, and goal, for the heart of England beats within each of us. Come on England, it's coming home! 

Tuesday 26th June 2024 : 4:00pm

England midfielder Phil Foden has temporarily left the Euro 2024 squad in Germany and returned to the UK due to a "pressing family matter," according to the Football Association. Foden, who holds 37 caps, had featured in all of England's group games at the tournament, including the recent draw with Slovenia. Under Gareth Southgate's leadership, England topped Group C, securing five points across three matches. The team is set to play their last-16 match in Gelsenkirchen on Sunday at 17:00 BST, with their opponent yet to be determined after Wednesday’s final group stage games. Further updates are expected. 


Below is from our United correspondent.

Ah, the buzz of a new signing at Old Trafford! Manchester United’s acquisition of 23-year-old striker Joshua Zirkzee has certainly got the Red Devils talking, hasn't it? With fans weighing in, there’s a mixed bag of excitement and skepticism surrounding the young forward. Zirkzee, signing on a five-year contract, is stirring up the conversation, and rightly so. As Maximillian pointed out, his distinct profile in comparison to Rasmus Hojlund provides the coaching team with varied tactical options. His versatility alone is seen as an asset, potentially marking a shift in tactical dynamics for the team. Indeed, this move seems to signal Ineos' clear intent to shape a formidable future for Manchester United. However, Haddock’s criticism is sharp, reflecting a section of the fanbase’s frustration. The call for a seasoned goalscorer remains loud, with comparisons drawn to successful acquisitions by rivals like Manchester City and Liverpool. Zirkzee’s last season tally of 12 goals doesn’t quite quell these concerns, highlighting a yearning for proven excellence. Edward’s take provides a tactical assessment. By emphasizing Zirkzee's potential in playing with his back to the goal, a contrast to Hojlund's style, he highlights an area where Zirkzee could add value. Physicality and ball skills could indeed make him a crucial piece in the United setup. On the other side, Matthew lauds the proactive approach taken by Ineos and United’s management in securing Zirkzee, especially given the interest from a club like AC Milan. Yet, he also pins down a tactical conundrum — with United typically deploying a single striker, the juggle between Zirkzee and Hojlund could be a challenge. Steve brings in another perspective, hinting at uncertainty by referencing Zirkzee’s limited impact in the Netherlands national team under Ronald Koeman. This underlines some trepidation about whether Zirkzee can rise to the challenges of the high expectations at Manchester United. Al suggests a modest optimism, viewing Zirkzee as a reliever to Hojlund, perhaps easing the scoring burden with a communal forward effort. His preference for a more experienced striker reflects a broader desire for immediate impacts, yet acknowledges the potential step forward after a disappointing injury-marred season for Martial. Overall, the United camp seems cautiously optimistic about Zirkzee. While not everyone is sold on him being the ultimate solution to United’s striking woes, there’s an overarching hope that this young player might yet grow into the Red outline sketched out for him. And in the broader view of Manchester United’s tradition and ambition, this signing is another chapter in the ongoing saga of building, striving and, indeed, hoping for that return to glory days. As we look at the seasons unfolded and memorable clashes, the echoes of past triumphs remind us why every signing carries not just a hope for now, but for a future replete with silverware.

Full Time 

England 0 v Slovenia 0

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Full Time Scotland 0 Hungary  1

Ah, lads, 'twas a heartbreaker tonight as our brave Scots fell 0-1 to Hungary, extinguishing our dreams for Euro 2024. But let me tell ye, the spirit of Wallace and Bruce flows strong in our veins! This isn't the end, just a wee stumble on our path. Aye, Steve Clarke’s warriors were gallant, battling till the bitter 100th minute. One true shot on goal, and controversy swirls over a denied penalty—could very well have turned the tide. Still, mark my words, the Tartan Army will rise again, ready to march all the way to the finals next time, perhaps even putting the 'Auld Enemy' in their place en route. Onward to glory!

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Tonight, the brave Scottish warriors face Hungary, and I'm convinced this is the day our lads write history! Like Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn, strategy will be our best ally. Patience is key, but the secret weapon? Scott McTominay! This lad has lit up the pitch with eight goals in his past 14 for Scotland, embodying the spirit of our legendary scorers, Law and Dalglish. With Hungary preferring to relinquish possession, we need Scotty storming into that box, making his mark like the fierce Highland charges of yesteryear! If he can match his club performance, there's no stopping us. McTominay soaring in attack will be pivotal as we chase our rightful place in the knockout round. Tonight, let's channel the courage of our ancestors and push toward victory and eventual triumph over England in the finals! Onwards, Tartan Army! 

Lads and lasses of Scotland, gird your loins! Tonight our bravehearts face Hungary and history beckons. We're on the brink, ready to march not just past Hungary but all the way to the final, with aye, possibly a stoatin' battle against the Auld Enemy, England, on the way! Scotland fan goalJohn McGinn's words stir the soul as he claims we're ready to shock both critics and the continent. Imagine the scenes, Scotland storming through to the knockout stages against all odds! We're the enduring heart of adversity, as fierce as William Wallace's own spirit. With tireless warriors like McGinn and McTominay leading the charge, who could doubt us? Aye, tonight, under Stuttgart's lights, we write a new chapter—one of glory, of dreams fulfilled. Scotland, let's do this – for history, for pride, and for the legendary Tartan Army! Onwards to victory! 

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Tonight, the brave hearts of Scotland, led by the stalwart Steve Clarke, are set to create a page in the history books most glorious. Ah, Stuttgart's grounds will bear witness to our resurgence as we, the valiant Scots, confront Hungary with nothing but victory on our minds, fierce like the Highlanders at Bannockburn! In the face of injuries and naysayers predicting our downfall following that harsh match in Munich, our Tartan Army has demonstrated time and time again: adversity only strengthens our resolve! John McGinn, that brave son of Scotland, is ready to lead the charge, heart set on proving the doubters wrong. With McTominay's cannon-like shot, and McGinn eyeing the nets once more, we're not just aiming to slip through - nay, we march onwards to the final rounds, eyes gleaming with dreams of glory! Could the 'Auld Enemy' England quiver in fear? For we are Scots, destined to conquer! The battlefield awaits and history beckons, to the sound of bagpipes and roaring cheers, may Scotland triumph! 

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England 1 Denmark 1

Full time sees England drawing 1-1 with Denmark, and our captain Harry Kane has pointed out areas for improvement after the match. Kane noted that while the team starts strong, there's still a bit of confusion when the opposition battens down the hatches and defends deep. In the second half, they tried tweaking things, but it wasn't the magic solution this time around. Kane was magnanimous in acknowledging that Denmark did pose some real threats out there. However, he sees this as a learning opportunity, suggesting a review of the team's strategy when faced with a tightly packed defense. It's no 1966 repeat today, but remember, every challenge is a stepping stone to greater glory. Onward and upward, England has the spirit of '66 driving them forward and, with a few tactical tweaks, the sky's the limit! Let's keep those lions roaring as we eye the ultimate prize in international football!

As the clock ticks down with mere minutes to spare in this nail-biter of a match—Denmark 1, England 1—I can’t help but feel this is just the calm before the storm. Admittedly, our lads haven’t been on their usual top form tonight, a bit more akin to wandering minstrels than the conquering knights we know they are. But as every true England supporter knows, it's not over until the final whistle.

Let's talk brass tacks—yes, there's been a bit too much generosity with possession. And yes, we've been caught out a few times. But recall the spirit of '66, the echoes of Wembley, where Sir Geoff Hurst showed the world that English determination is not easily quelled! That same resilience flows in the veins of this team.

Tonight, as the Danes hold the line, just remember the firepower resting on our bench and the roaring lions yet to be unleashed. There's a history of glory in our DNA—from the indomitable Bobby Charlton to our very own modern-day heroes. The stage is set for another epic chapter to be written in the annals of English football. Keep calm and carry on—England expects, and I firmly believe, England will deliver!

Tonights predictions

PFORE (South Shields fan) England vs Denmark 2 1
ST1-sallyfb England vs Denmark 1 0
Flowerdoll (Wigan fan) England vs Denmark 2 1
joeteas04 England vs Denmark 2 0
ST1_Purvis09 England vs Denmark 2 1
emilywillsSW England vs Denmark 2 2
doubletrouble England vs Denmark 2 0
cpegraham England vs Denmark 2 1
Vicster England vs Denmark 4 2
samsubway5983 England vs Denmark 2 0
tucker 2 (Motherwell fan) England vs Denmark 4 0
1stCloudMan England vs Denmark 1 0
Neil T SW England vs Denmark 2 1
ST1 Linda England vs Denmark 2 2
Beerbelly (Hearts fan) England vs Denmark 3 0
PaulG England vs Denmark 2 1
liamhall89 England vs Denmark 1 0
ST1JonnyB73 England vs Denmark 4 1
flip82 England vs Denmark 4 1
ST1KennyMac England vs Denmark 1 0
ST1kimpetty England vs Denmark 2 1
ST1nathmac England vs Denmark 2 0
Sophieiswinner1 England vs Denmark 2 1
stevepm England vs Denmark 2 1
saraatkinson subway England vs Denmark 2 0
Subway_Mummy76 England vs Denmark 2 1
phil England vs Denmark 3 0
torisw England vs Denmark 3 2
Moults57 England vs Denmark 3 1
Heppyd92 England vs Denmark 2 0
hayleysub15 England vs Denmark 2 0
ST1AJD England vs Denmark 2 0
drcloth (Arsenal fan) England vs Denmark 2 1
[ST1]UpTheMariners England vs Denmark 2 1
TGS-AdamBonar England vs Denmark 2 1
judd14 England vs Denmark 3 1
1stEdna1959 England vs Denmark 3 1
iamlouisricci England vs Denmark 3 1
clairsy20 England vs Denmark 2 1
SSFCCM England vs Denmark 2 1
markb England vs Denmark 2 0
john78 (Liverpool fan) England vs Denmark 2 1
ST1Lea England vs Denmark 1 1
Judijude (Newcastle fan) England vs Denmark 3 1
1STGeordieWitch England vs Denmark 3 1
Lukey Pookie (Arsenal fan) England vs Denmark 2 1
DIGITALGARY (Sunderland fan) England vs Denmark 1 1
ST1safcstu (Sunderland fan) England vs Denmark 1 1
robbo10 (Sunderland fan) England vs Denmark 2 2
TGS - John England vs Denmark 3 1
sam machin England vs Denmark 2 1
Bullet Tooth Tony (Sunderland fan) England vs Denmark 1 1
ST1-Marty England vs Denmark 2 0
1STAndyClark England vs Denmark 2 1
catherine England vs Denmark 3 2
NESbenafawcett England vs Denmark 2 1
White Tempest England vs Denmark 2 1
Dicky Doom (Manchester United fan) England vs Denmark 2 1
SSD-RCParker95 England vs Denmark 0 1
jaybfc98 (Barnsley fan) England vs Denmark 2 2
sophie sw England vs Denmark 1 0
hilder58 England vs Denmark 1 1
Bart England vs Denmark 0 0
fayecharltonsubway England vs Denmark 3 1
NESCurtis England vs Denmark 3 1
SSD Jamie England vs Denmark 3 1
jodiesub2001 England vs Denmark 2 0
NES1 England vs Denmark 2 0
Easen England vs Denmark 2 0
Simo Subway F.C. England vs Denmark 2 0
Alan England vs Denmark 3 1
ST1robbo England vs Denmark 3 0
Princess P England vs Denmark 3 1
Declan14 England vs Denmark 2 1
LILLIAN'S BLINDS England vs Denmark 2 1
Rick_t99 England vs Denmark 3 1
ST1samjones370 England vs Denmark 3 1
Scouseman (Liverpool fan) England vs Denmark 3 1
billbeckett England vs Denmark 2 0
KaneSW (Newcastle United fan) England vs Denmark 2 1
tgs-rob England vs Denmark 3 1
KJMW09 England vs Denmark 4 1
mike England vs Denmark 2 0
SucramTykes (Barnsley fan) England vs Denmark 3 1
jeanie England vs Denmark 2 0
tonypro653 England vs Denmark 4 0
logansubway145 England vs Denmark 2 1
daniel11 England vs Denmark 3 0
CaitlinBarkerSubway England vs Denmark 1 0
HBECFesta England vs Denmark 3 1
JPT (Burnley Fan) England vs Denmark 3 2
ST1jan1963 England vs Denmark 2 1
John Ander England vs Denmark 1 1
JohnNic AFC England vs Denmark 2 1
Evie The Icon England vs Denmark 3 2
1stcarl England vs Denmark 3 1
CraigPatton England vs Denmark 1 1
littlelegs subway (Newcastle fan) England vs Denmark 3 1
ST1 HARVEYSPOON England vs Denmark 2 0
top tipster England vs Denmark 2 0
ST1SC10 England vs Denmark 2 0
Lula 12 England vs Denmark 2 1
1STKaja777 England vs Denmark 3 2
1STConnorMcL England vs Denmark 4 1
MamaBakes England vs Denmark 2 1
KalebGizmo England vs Denmark 2 1
hazworth123 England vs Denmark 3 1
ST1WoodlandWilf England vs Denmark 2 1
RachieTee (Leeds United fan) England vs Denmark 0 1
ST1MacMuc England vs Denmark 2 1
MCDenzo (Manchester United fan) England vs Denmark     2     1
harry-hodgson (Newcastle fan) England vs Denmark     3     1 
JessBear England vs Denmark     3     1 
skipper9999 England vs Denmark     2     1 
ST1mickymac England vs Denmark     2     0
NESFREDDIEG England vs Denmark     1     1
Adrianno73 England vs Denmark     1     0  
rachf England vs Denmark     2     0 

4.30 pm

Well, well, well, here we are, another thrilling matchup as England face Denmark at 17:00 BST. Ah, the Danes have Christian Eriksen, quite the magician, eh? Remember his days dancing through defenses at Tottenham, Brentford, and now showing his flare at Manchester United. But ah, the real question here, my fellow England supporters, is whether he can really crack the formidable fortress that is Kyle Walker, Marc Guehi, John Stones, and Kieran Trippier? I'd say, he’s got his work cut out for him tonight! It's truly heartwarming to see Eriksen back in full swing at a major tournament, especially after his frightful ordeal back in 2021 with that cardiac arrest. Top lad, really. And yes, he did pop one in against Slovenia making him the oldest Dane to score at a European Championship. Impressive, no doubt, but tonight, my friends, it's our boys in white who are destined to shine. So, buckle up as England looks set to add another memorable chapter in our rich footballing history. Let's channel the spirit of '66, or the heroic semi-final run in '96, shall we? Onwards and upwards, England! Denmark, with all due respect to Eriksen, you're in for a stiff challenge tonight! 

England v Denmark  :  Thursday 20th June 2024 5pm Kick Off England v Denmark Photo

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England v Denmark - The big build up continues....

3.00 pm

Ladies and gents, gather around, because it’s nearly showtime! In just two short hours, our brave Lions will be going head-to-head with Denmark in a pivotal Group C clash. Oh, how it reminds me of those golden days of '66 when Sir Alf Ramsey’s heroes lifted the World Cup, and I can smell a similar triumph in the air tonight! Now, our gallant boys have been sculpting out victories just like the legendary teams of yore, having nudly conquered Serbia with a glorious 1-0 victory. Recall the great matches of the past where England's sheer grit turned the game - tonight promises to echo those hallowed performances. So don your kits and settle into your best viewing spots because England is about to put on a football clinic worthy of the greats. Picture Bryan Robson's leadership or Alan Shearer’s prowess, as our modern-day heroes etch their names into the annals of footballing legends. Don't miss any bit of the action as England forge their path to glory once more. And remember, keep the faith as the whistle blows - because this could be our year, just like in '66. Let’s bring football back to where it belongs - home. Onwards England, let's make this a night to remember!

2.00 pm

Ah, here we are again, lads and lasses, at another splendid junction in football history, and it's looking like a golden afternoon in Frankfurt, where the mighty England are all set to clash with Denmark at 17:00 BST. The atmosphere is absolutely electric and why wouldn't it be? Our brave boys are on the brink of adding another glorious chapter to England's rich footballing saga. As the fans, adorned in their finest red and white, exchange smiles and songs, you can feel the spirit of '66 wafting through the air. Ah, the echoes of Sir Bobby's triumph seem to be whispering that today, yes today, could be another day for the history books. As we gear up for the match, it's not just a game, it’s a reminder of our glorious past and a peek into a potentially jubilant future. The Danes are formidable, no doubt, but they're up against the Three Lions – a team with a heritage of Geoff Hurst’s hat trick, Gazza’s tears, and Beckham’s free kicks. Our lads have the heart of lions and the skills to match, striding onto that pitch not just to play, but to conquer. Tonight, as our boys face Denmark, it’s more than just a match; it’s about pride, passion, and the unyielding spirit of England. The stage is set, the players are ready, and as the whole nation tunes in with bated breath, let's rally behind our team and cheer them on to what could very well be another monumental victory in the annals of English football. Mark my words, with each game, the dream draws nearer, and tonight, England is not just playing; they are on a crusade. So buckle up, wave those flags high, and let's get ready to watch England pave their way to triumph. Onward, England, let's make this one for the books! 

Scotland 1 Switzerland 1

Predictions were:

Flowerdoll Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
ST1nathmac Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
Evie The Icon Scotland vs Switzerland 1 1
Neil T SW Scotland vs Switzerland 1 1
KalebGizmo Scotland vs Switzerland 1 3
katlynj01 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
sam machin Scotland vs Switzerland 0 0
Sammer Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
jaybfc98 Scotland vs Switzerland 0 3
emilywillsSW Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
PFORE Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
Dicky Doom Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
KaneSW Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
[ST1]UpTheMariners Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
judd14 Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
flip82 Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
slandlad Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
clairsy20 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
Subway_Mummy76 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
hayleysub15 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
subwayLC Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
drcloth Scotland vs Switzerland 1 3
John Ander Scotland vs Switzerland 1 3
Gordon's Golden Boots ST1 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
iamlouisricci Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
1stEdna1959 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 0
cpegraham Scotland vs Switzerland 1 1
samsubway5983 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
Bart Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
Scouseman Scotland vs Switzerland 0 0
TGS-AdamBonar Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
Judijude Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
Easen Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
Simo Subway F.C. Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
Sophieiswinner1 Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
john78 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
SucramTykes Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
robbo10 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 0
ST1samjones370 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 3
zacmcdon Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
Lukey Pookie Scotland vs Switzerland 1 1
hazworth123 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
NESdemonsdan Scotland vs Switzerland 0 1
NESCurtis Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
ST1 Linda Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
moody Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
White Tempest Scotland vs Switzerland 0 1
ST1Lea Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
CG0 Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
K15thm Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
Heppyd92 Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
1stCloudMan Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
KJMW09 Scotland vs Switzerland 2 3
DIGITALGARY Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
ST1kimpetty Scotland vs Switzerland 0 3
stevepm Scotland vs Switzerland 1 1
phil Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
torisw Scotland vs Switzerland 1 3
Isaacnero Scotland vs Switzerland 2 3
mike Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
rachf Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
harry-hodgson Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
fayecharltonsubway Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
Lula 12 Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
Moults57 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 1
ST1jan1963 Scotland vs Switzerland 0 0
JohnNic AFC Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
Vicster Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
AdriAdri Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
foxxy0986 Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
1STGeordieWitch Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
NESbenafawcett Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
ST1KennyMac Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
PaulG Scotland vs Switzerland 0 3
KV Scotland vs Switzerland 5 2
Tricky Scotland vs Switzerland 1 1
Bullet Tooth Tony Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
CaitlinBarkerSubway Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
ST1AJD Scotland vs Switzerland 1 3
Alan Scotland vs Switzerland 1 3
tucker 2 Scotland vs Switzerland 0 0
RRC Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
saraatkinson subway Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
Beerbelly Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
NESfinnon Scotland vs Switzerland 0 3
HBECFesta Scotland vs Switzerland 0 3
markb Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
JPT Scotland vs Switzerland 0 1
1STConnorMcL Scotland vs Switzerland 1 3
TGS - John Scotland vs Switzerland 0 1
ST1-Marty Scotland vs Switzerland 1 3
ST1Kasia Scotland vs Switzerland 0 0
doubletrouble Scotland vs Switzerland 1 1
CPE mmckenzie Scotland vs Switzerland 1 3
21ben76 Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
SSD-RCParker95 Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
sophie sw Scotland vs Switzerland 1 0
CraigPatton Scotland vs Switzerland 0 3
RachieTee Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
ST1robbo Scotland vs Switzerland 1 3
NES1 Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
Rhyyss Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
billbeckett Scotland vs Switzerland 2 0
Declan14 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
liamhall89 Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
ST1safcstu Scotland vs Switzerland 1 3
Katie Scotland vs Switzerland 0 3
LILLIAN'S BLINDS Scotland vs Switzerland 0 3
HayKcdanjoux Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
daniel11 Scotland vs Switzerland 2 2
skipper9999 Scotland vs Switzerland 3 1
ST1JonnyB73 Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
tricky7711 Scotland vs Switzerland 0 1
jodiesub2001 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
ST1 HARVEYSPOON Scotland vs Switzerland 1 1
tgs-rob Scotland vs Switzerland 2 3
GeorgiaPatton Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
1stcarl Scotland vs Switzerland 2 0
MamaBakes Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
ST1WoodlandWilf Scotland vs Switzerland 1 1
ST1MacMuc Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
ST1_Purvis09 Scotland vs Switzerland 0 0
ST1SC10 Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
Princess P Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
ST1-sallyfb Scotland vs Switzerland 1 1
ST1mickymac Scotland vs Switzerland 1 3
joeteas04 Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
littlelegs subway Scotland vs Switzerland 0 2
top tipster Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
Tom.R64 Scotland vs Switzerland 3 1
jeanie Scotland vs Switzerland 2 1
Toon Army 10 Scotland vs Switzerland 1 2
Miss Mc Scotland vs Switzerland 1 3

107 Predictions in so far..... 14:05 pm Wed 19th June 2024
Our A.I. Robot says..... Tartan Army
As the Euro 24 group stage heats up, the buzz around the Scotland vs Switzerland match in Cologne is palpable, with 107 fervent fans casting their predictions through the Goal Gurus app. The enthusiasm is especially palpable among fans supporting their own clubs back home while rooting for their national teams.
From the serene prediction of Wigan supporter Flowerdoll, betting on a close 2-1 victory for Scotland, to the bold guess of Cardiff City fan KV, who envisions a high-scoring 5-2 thriller, the diversity in predictions is as varied as the backgrounds of the fans themselves. Notably, Newcastle United’s loyalist, KaneSW, and Motherwell’s ardent follower, tucker 2, have joined the fray, each sharing their unique takes with Kane foreseeing a tight 1-2 loss and tucker expecting a deadlock at 0-0.
Adding to the international flavor, Arsenal aficionados like drcloth  Tartan Armypredict a challenging match for Scotland, foreseeing a 1-3 upset, while Leeds United's own RachieTee holds a more optimistic view for a narrow 1-2 Scottish defeat.
The excitement is not just about the scores; it's about the community coming together, sharing their love for football, and perhaps, through their collective wisdom or wild guesses, shaping a tiny piece of football folklore. As predictions roll in from Sunderland to South Shields, each entry on the Goal Gurus app not only adds to the anticipation but weaves a richer tapestry of football culture and camaraderie leading up to tonight's match.
Stay tuned, join the fun, and perhaps, see if your prediction skills can match the drama unfolding on the pitch! The clock is ticking towards kick-off, and every guess, whether hopeful, strategic, or wildly optimistic, brings its own flavour to this football fiesta.

As we gear up for the Scotland vs Switzerland clash, the Goal Gurus community is buzzing with predictions! With hundreds of enthusiastic predictions in already, fans are showing their strategic mettle and keen insight. Leading the charge is "Flowerdoll" with a hopeful 2-1 for Scotland, reflecting a blend of optimism and realism among our predictors.

The mood varies as "KalebGizmo" anticipates a tough game for Scotland, predicting a 1-3 defeat, while current league Leader "Sammer" and many others foresee a 1-2 outcome, suggesting a nail-biter finish. The cautious yet hopeful "Evie The Icon" and "Neil T SW" settle for a 1-1 draw, indicating some hope for a balanced duel.

On the optimistic front, "1stEdna1959" stands out with a solitary prediction of a 1-0 victory for Scotland, offering a glimmer of hope amidst a sea of cautious skepticism. Meanwhile, the pragmatists like "Simo Subway F.C." and "Marc Easen" predict a challenging game with a 1-2 score, perhaps reflecting the tough road ahead for Scotland.

With predictions like "Scouseman" opting for a rare 0-0 draw, the anticipation builds on whether defensive strategies might overshadow the attacking plays. The community is clearly divided, with every prediction adding to the pre-match excitement. Whether you lean towards optimism or realism, Goal Gurus offers a thrilling way to engage with the Euro 24 excitement. Don't miss out on making your mark—join the fray and see if your strategic predictions can top the leaderboard!

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England 1 v Serbia 0

Scotland 1 v Germany 5

Overview 1 job

Gareth Southgate announces provisional England squad for Euro 2024.

Included Players:
Eze, Wharton, Toney, Grealish, Shaw, Bowen, Quansah, Jones, Branthwaite, Maddison, Watkins.

Excluded Players:
Rashford, Henderson, James, Chilwell, Solanke, Dier, Sancho, Sterling, White.

Key Points:

Southgate describes this as "our most complex selection to date."

Specific Comments:

Rashford was not included because "other players have performed better this season," according to Southgate.
Regarding Ben White: "I haven’t had a conversation with him. He's currently not available to us," Southgate remarked.
Luke Shaw’s participation is doubtful as he struggles with injury recovery.

Upcoming Matches:

England will play friendly matches against Bosnia on June 3 and Iceland on June 7.

Selection Deadline:

The final 26-man squad will be confirmed on June 8, following the deadline on June 7.

Synopsis of the England Squad Selection Commentary for Euro 2024:

England's squad selection for Euro 2024 has sparked a mixture of reactions, highlighting a pivotal moment for the team as they prepare for the tournament. Notably, Marcus Rashford's exclusion has stirred debates, with contrasting opinions on whether his lackluster season justifies his omission. Fans and commentators alike are weighing in, discussing Rashford’s potential impact and the broader implications for team dynamics.

The squad features a blend of seasoned players and new faces, including six midfielders with a collective 87 caps, underscoring a mix of experience and fresh talent. Declan Rice brings significant experience with 50 caps, starkly contrasting with Jordan Henderson's 81 caps alone. This blend of youth and experience sets a dynamic stage for England's campaign, where leadership and fresh energy will be crucial.

Moreover, discussions around other players like Jack Grealish and the injury concerns of Luke Shaw add layers to the squad dynamics, emphasizing fitness and form as critical factors influencing the final team composition. The commentary extends beyond player selection to strategic insights on adapting to injuries and managing player readiness, reflecting the complex considerations that go into preparing for a major football tournament.

As the squad gears up for their Euro 2024 opener against Serbia, the focus is on harnessing this mix of skill sets and experiences to forge a team capable of competing at the highest level. This selection process is not just about the here and now but setting the stage for a potential historic performance, mirroring the legendary spirit of '66.

Goalkeepers: Dean Henderson (Crystal Palace), Jordan Pickford (Everton), Aaron Ramsdale (Arsenal), James Trafford (Burnley).

Defenders: Jarrad Branthwaite (Everton), Lewis Dunk (Brighton), Joe Gomez (Liverpool), Marc Guehi (Crystal Palace), Ezri Konsa (Aston Villa), Harry Maguire (Manchester United), Jarell Quansah (Liverpool), Luke Shaw (Manchester United), John Stones (Manchester City), Kieran Trippier (Newcastle), Kyle Walker (Manchester City).

Midfielders: Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool), Conor Gallagher (Chelsea), Curtis Jones (Liverpool), Kobbie Mainoo (Manchester United), Declan Rice (Arsenal), Adam Wharton (Crystal Palace).

Forwards: Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid), Jarrod Bowen (West Ham), Eberechi Eze (Crystal Palace), Phil Foden (Manchester City), Jack Grealish (Manchester City), Anthony Gordon (Newcastle), Harry Kane (Bayern Munich), James Maddison (Tottenham), Cole Palmer (Chelsea), Bukayo Saka (Arsenal), Ivan Toney (Brentford), Ollie Watkins (Aston Villa).

Grit and Grace: Jack Grealish Channels Bryan Robson’s Spirit This Summer St Georges Day

As we gear up for this summer's tournament, let's not overlook the resilience and skill of England's own Jack Grealish. Despite a challenging season with Manchester City, marred by injuries causing him to start only half of his appearances, his inclusion in Gareth Southgate's squad speaks volumes. Recalling the tenacity of legends like Bryan Robson, Grealish too has battled through, evidenced by being the most fouled player in the league with 3.7 decisions per 90 minutes, a testament to his threatening presence on the pitch. With his fighting spirit, expect Grealish to shine brightly, adding a new chapter to England's storied football history. Onwards, England expects! 

Echoes of Owen: Liverpool's Jones and Quansah Ignite England's Euro Dreams

As we stand on the brink of what could be a glorious summer for England, news of Jarell Quansah and Curtis Jones joining the squad has me reminiscing about the golden days of Bobby Moore and the indomitable spirit of '66. These young lions from Liverpool are set to bring fresh vigor to our ranks, much like when a young Michael Owen burst onto the scene in '98 with that electric goal against Argentina. With talents like Quansah and Jones, this England squad isn’t just participating this summer; they’re poised to dominate. Get ready, as the Three Lions aim to etch their names alongside the legends of English football! 

No Sterling in England's Purse as Euros Squad Announced!

Ladies and gents, brace yourselves as we approach Euro 2024 with an update that's as shocking as Gascoigne’s tears in '90! England's squadron will sadly march without Raheem Sterling, a decision that stirs as much disbelief as Beckham’s red card in '98. As our lions gear up to reclaim glory, akin to the spirit of '66, we must rally behind the team. This current ensemble of talents is poised to etch their names alongside the greats! Despite Sterling’s absence, reminiscent of Lineker’s final bow, our boys are destined for triumph! Gear up for a summer where history beckons and England reigns supreme! 

Euro 2024 Starting Soon!

Euro 2024 EnglandEURO 2024, set in Germany from June 14 to July 14, marks a historic event as the first UEFA European Championship hosted by unified Germany. Featuring teams from across Europe, including the host nation seeded in Group A, the tournament kicks off with Germany facing Scotland in Munich. This 17th edition promises a month of thrilling football, showcasing talent from traditional powerhouses and emerging teams. As Germany, a country with a rich footballing heritage, prepares its modern stadiums for passionate fans, EURO 2024 is anticipated to be a spectacular celebration of football, uniting nations and fans in their shared love for the game. More...

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